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Beach Cleanup

Beach cleanup with volunteers from concerned citizens that takes place regularly along the coasts of Puerto Plata.

Coral Cleaning

Oceano Limpio continually strives to preserve our corals so that the life of living organisms can continue normally on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Plata.

River Cleanup

Cleaning of the river due to the garbage that flows through it after the constant rains.

About The Foundation

Foundation dedicated to the cleanliness of the beaches of our coasts. "The cleanest city is not the one that is cleaned the most, but the one that is dirtied the least".


To be an environmental institution that raises awareness and educates society to protect and care for the oceans and all their biodiversity, working hand in hand with authorities and communities in educational campaigns, operations and creative projects to help prevent pollution and degradation of our oceans.



To become a global institution that has access to the means and resources that will allow it to work for the conservation, protection and care of all oceans and marine life, and to create worldwide awareness of how important this is for our life and existence.

Activities Performed


We work to keep plastics out of the ocean and care for the environment.


The planting of red mangroves in the waters of Puerto Plata to further decontaminate the sewage that reaches our beaches.



We work to keep plastics out of the ocean and care for the environment.

Removal of garbage bags


Working Hours

Happy Volunteers

Yuly míceli


Ramon Star


Esteban Alvares


Ramon Nunez


My Inspiration

Ever since I was a kid, the beach was my home. I was a fisherman then and still am today. When I was a kid, the beach used to be clean, the water was crystal clear. I want to work to bring the beach back to the way it used to be.
I started Clean Ocean when I began to notice the problem of garbage being dumped on the beach. Today you can't walk on the beach without seeing plastic trash on our beautiful coast. It is quite sad the current situation, but this is the reason why Clean Ocean is important not only for me, but for every Dominican, Puerto Plata resident, tourist and in short, for all living beings on this planet.
There is more plastic on our beaches now than ever before and species are dying because of trash and climate change.
The time to change is now, we still have time to save our beautiful beach and our home with it: The Earth. It's time to start saving our planet. Start now together with Clean Ocean.


Johann Beird Vasquez -Founder


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